Sunday, February 6, 2011


Spent a good part of the day working on our taxes..should be an easy task, but it's wrought with worry, oodles of papers, stacks of receipts and lots of tension. This year an employer didn't take out enough for Federal taxes. And, the mortgage company sent a statement that is missing numbers. :( Just combing through the papers is stressful and hubby works up a headache. It doesn't help to take a break because when you return to the task, you have to figure out where you are in the stacks and you've totally lost your train of thought.
Seems like after all these years of the dreaded process, we would have developed a smoother way to do this. We never know if we will end up with a meager refund or owe Uncle Sam. Because they change the rules every year, we can't rely on what we learned from previous experience so we never know exactly how much record-keeping we should be doing and what receipts will actually be effectively used. *sigh*
Still, there's an end to it. April 15th usually. So here's to hoping we entered the correct information in the right boxes and we aren't one of the lucky ones picked for an audit ! Good Luck, All.

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  1. Oh I feel your pain! I am working with mine right now...YUK! so many variables